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Title I is a federally funded program designed to target the academic achievement of disadvantaged students in order to ensure that all children have a fair, equal and significant opportunity to obtain a high quality education.

These supplemental reading services are delivered by highly qualified reading specialists in a small group and/or one-on-one setting. Seven of the elementary schools in Montgomery County are schoolwide Title I schools; all students in grades K-5 are eligible for Title I reading services at these schools.



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Reading Tips for Parents

Reading Connections Elementary Newsletter

Reading Connections Intermediate Newsletter

Fluency is the ability to read accurrately, smoothly, expressively with good phrasing, AND with good comprehension. A fluent reader reads as he/she speaks. 

Tips on improving fluency:
*Read poetry together in unison.
*Encourage your child to reread the same passage (or book) two or three times.  Practice greatly helps.
*The child imitates the adult by repeating the same line or phrase that the adult just read aloud (like an echo).
*Practice sight words with your child so he/she can read them automatically, accurately, and quickly (Sight words make up 75% of what we read!).  These words must be ready at a glance without stopping. 
Giggle Poetry
Shel Silverstein
High Frequency Words
Practice sight words with your child so he/she can read them automatically, accurately and quickly.  Knowing how to read these words at a glance will greatly help with fluency and comprehension.  (Sight words make up 75% of what we read)
*Word lists for Kindergarten through third grade are attached at the bottom.
Math Vocabulary
Reading and understanding these math terms and concepts will help students succeed on the math SOL test. 
*Vocabulary lists for third through fifth grade are attached at the bottom.
SOL Vocabulary Review 
Here are a few word lists to help your child succeed on reading the State Standards of Learning tests. Being able to read and understand these words will lead to better scores on standardized tests.
*Vocabulary words for SOLS are attached at the bottom.

Tips on learning new words:
*Repetition:  Practice reading the words many times, talk about the words, and use the words.
(Some children need to see the word 7 times while other children need to see the word 25 times.)
*Word association:  It is easier to learn new words if you can associate the new words with something you know and focus on the meaning. For example, it is much easier to learn the word ancient if you associate it with the word old.
*Learn a few new words at a time with repetition and spaced out practice sessions over several days rather than cramming in a day or two. 
*Create a picture:  This helps you remember the best so... draw a picture to go with the new word if possible.

For further information, please contact Rhonda Baker, Supervisor of Title I, at 540-382-5100 ext. 1044,

Virginia Richardson, Administrative Assistant for Title I, at 540-382-5100 ext 1045, or any 

MCPS Literacy staff member.

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