About the Grants Office

The MCPS Grants Office is involved in developing and assisting with all types of grant proposals, from classroom projects to school-level grants to district-wide initiatives.  In CY 2015, MCPS participated in the submission of 53 competitive grant proposals totaling $3,091,980 in requests. In all, 37 (70%) of these were funded for a total of $205,779. Those funds are supporting projects in the following categories:

  • Career and Technical Education: $10,000
  • Fine Arts: $7,394
  • Health and Physical Education: $5,180
  • Language Arts: $3,590
  • Math: $250
  • School Nutrition Programs: $18,105
  • Facilities and School Security: $105,000
  • Science: $8,981
  • Social Studies: $1,368
  • STEM: $8,078
  • Student Services/Prevention: $37,333
  • Staff Development: $500

Laura Williams has managed the MCPS Grants Office since 1997. Prior to this, she taught for ten years as a Reading Specialist in MCPS. She has experience securing grants from both government and private funding sources. Mrs. Williams holds a B.A. in Communications Studies and an M.A. in Education from Virginia Tech.

Laura Williams, Supervisor of Grants and Partnerships, lwilliams@mcps.org, (540) 382-5100, ext. 1028