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Kipps Chess Club

The Chess Club is open to all Kipps Elementary School students and has been up and running since Kipps opened its doors, back in 1994.  The club meets on Friday mornings 8:15 – 8:45, in the school gym. Chess Club membership is provided through registration and students interested in joining may visit – with a friend - during regular meetings to ‘check’ it out. Chess Club is not held on days when school is delayed. There is no cost to participate in Chess Club and all chess playing equipment is provided for all students. 

A “Chess Class” is taught at several times throughout the year and will be open to any Kipps students that would like to learn how to play chess.  Membership in the club, after coming to the class, is the best way to join Chess Club. This website has several links to information about learning to play chess and on how to improve your chess skill.  

Chess Club is not a highly competitive tournament based club.  The club is formed for students, staff and parents that might want to attend and enjoy playing a good game of chess.  For any additional information, you may contact Mr. Charlie Gregory at the chess club coach, or Ms. Angela Semones at the school club sponsor.

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The following are two free sources that will teach you how to play chess:

There is a program we use to teach our students how to play chess - available as a download on Amazon and Google Play - which costs is about $1 or $5.  The very fun teaching program is called Dinosaur Chess and you can also play chess with a Dino.  The Chesskid site is good to learn the basics of how to play chess and then to improve your skills - it is free. The videos are easy to follow.  You do sign up on this site and you should get your parents to help with this. This site appears to be secure and it has no cost.  Mr. Gregory has additional chess software programs/books you may also request to borrow.

Before Chess Club:

Before Chess Club

After Chess Club:

After Chess Club